Emmaus Media & Design was founded upon the example found in Luke 24 of Jesus walking alongside two of His disciples on their journey to the village of Emmaus. He was taking time to give explanation of all the scriptures that gave a clear understanding of Himself. He was encouraging their hearts.

Emmaus Media & Design’s mission is to provide solutions for our clients in the areas of audio and media. Our desire is to walk alongside pastors, churches, business leaders, and venues to help them gain an understanding of their technological needs and challenges. This includes providing adequate evaluation, education, and the most cost-effective options for improving their situation

Emmaus Media & Design is committed to supporting clients through the entire process; from the consultation stage all the way through to the final installation. And, we continue to offer support throughout the life of the product.

Media & Design Defined

Media in its broadest definition refers to “materials and techniques used by an artist to produce a work.” In our field, this would include all audio, video, and lighting systems.

Design by definition is “planning or engineering that lays the basis for the making of a system.” Emmaus Media & Design applies this principle with skilled, efficient, relevant, and durable technical system and web designs.

Our Mission

It is our goal and commitment to work within your budget to find solutions to your media challenges. We offer anything from complete systems designed and installed, to troubleshooting problems with your existing systems. At Emmaus Media & Design, our goal is to empower your organization for success.  With over 30 years of combined experience, we can offer you cutting edge design and technology that will serve you well for years to come; quality, done right, the first time.