Christian Life Assembly

Camp Hill, PA

We just completed an incredible installation at Christian Life Assembly in Camp Hill, PA. We replaced an aging and inefficient speaker system with 2 Danley Jericho J2’s, 2 SH60’s, and a BC415. The results are absolutely stellar, with drastically improved intelligibility and audio fidelity. A big thank you to our amazing install team and volunteers.

“I have known Tim for decades and not only is he knowledgeable in everything he does, he is trustworthy and will treat you fairly. Beyond that I can’t recommend him highly enough just as a person who you would absolutely love working with. He truly has a heart for the local church, has served for most of his life in church ministry either as a musician or technician, has toured with groups ministering in 100’s of churches, and he is a steward of God’s resources like no other AVL company/installer I’ve ever known. The install he did for our 2000 seat sanctuary is amazing! We struggled for the first 15 years in this “new building” with the wrong audio system design that was innately unintelligible and a nightmare to try to make sound pleasing, which in turn resulted in a lack of engagement in worship and ear fatigue that shorted the attention span of our congregation during sermons, long speaking moments or drama productions. The new Danley system has totally transformed our room and worship environment, and has made huge difference in the engagement factor during our Sunday morning services.”

Kristian Walker

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