Congregation Beth Yeshua

Media, PA

We have recently finalized an extensive installation project for Congregation Beth Yeshua, located in Media, PA. Our involvement encompassed a comprehensive range of services, including audio, video, lighting, acoustics, networking, and security. This comprehensive scope of work allowed us to provide an all-encompassing solution to meet the congregation's needs and requirements. The installed equipment comprises a selection of industry-leading brands known for their excellence. These include Danley Sound Labs, Ashly Audio, Inc., CHAUVET Professional, LEA Professional, RF Venue, Sennheiser, Epson, Da-Lite, LynTec, Acoustical Fulfillment, and Ubiquiti Inc. Each of these brands was carefully chosen to ensure optimal performance and reliability within their respective domains. By integrating this diverse range of cutting-edge equipment, we have successfully delivered a technologically advanced solution that caters to Congregation Beth Yeshua's audio, video, lighting, acoustics, networking, and security needs. Our team is proud to have provided a comprehensive and professional installation that aligns with the congregation's requirements and enhances their overall experience.