Fairview Knox Church

Corryton, TN

Fairview Baptist Church in Corryton, TN recently underwent significant audio upgrades to enhance their sound system capabilities. These upgrades included the implementation of Ashly processing technology, Allen & Heath dLive consoles, and Shure PSM900 in-ear monitors. These high-quality components were carefully selected to ensure exceptional audio performance and precise control over the sound reinforcement system. In a subsequent installation phase, a total of 22 Danley speaker boxes were seamlessly integrated into the church's audio setup. This included 4 SM96 models, 2 TH118 subwoofers, 6 Micro speakers, 8 Nano speakers, and 2 SBH20 choir monitors. To power this system, QSC amplifiers from the PLD series were employed, providing robust and reliable amplification for optimal sound reproduction. Furthermore, in a previous lighting installation, Fairview Baptist Church incorporated products from Chauvet, a leading brand known for its innovative lighting solutions. This integration ensures the church benefits from high-quality lighting fixtures and controls to create an immersive and visually captivating environment. By integrating these top-tier audio, lighting, and control solutions, Fairview Baptist Church has elevated their worship experience, delivering superior audio quality, precise sound control, and captivating lighting effects. We are honored to have played a role in providing these professional installations, tailored to the specific needs of the church and its congregation.