Grace Covenant Church

Cornelius, NC

We are pleased to announce the successful completion of a new PA installation project at Grace Covenant Church in Cornelius, NC. This endeavor involved the integration of a meticulously chosen speaker system from Danley Sound Labs, renowned for its exceptional audio quality and performance. The installed speaker system features 2 SM80F models, 2 SM80 models, and 2 BC215 subwoofers, strategically positioned within the space. To ensure optimal power delivery and precise control, the system is driven by 2 DNA20k4 Pro amplifiers and a DNA3k8 Pro amplifier, which are specifically designed to match the requirements of the speakers. Furthermore, to effectively address the acoustic challenges of the room, 6 Fulcrum Acoustic CX826 speakers were deployed to provide comprehensive coverage in the under balcony areas. This strategic placement of speakers, combined with the advanced technologies employed, allows for seamless and immersive audio reproduction in the challenging acoustical environment of the church. By leveraging the expertise and superior performance of Danley Sound Labs, along with the support of Fulcrum Acoustic, we have successfully overcome the acoustic complexities of the room at Grace Covenant Church. The newly installed PA system effortlessly tackles the unique acoustic challenges, ensuring exceptional sound quality and coverage throughout the space. We are honored to have been entrusted with this installation project and take pride in our ability to deliver top-tier audio solutions tailored to the specific needs of our clients. The successful completion of this project at Grace Covenant Church exemplifies our commitment to providing professional-grade installations that enhance the worship experience for the congregation.